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Does the ever endless search for your dog's perfect fitness routine seem tiresome? Are you overwhelmed by all the good meaning advise in various facebook conditioning groups? 

Look no more... 

This 1 hour online workshop will take you through 4 easy core exercises and learn you how to implement them in your daily fitness routine!


I'm running the workshop twice so you can choose which day is best for you (or you can attend both)

Option 1: Lørdag d. 6. august kl. 10-11

Option 2: Mandag d. 8. august kl. 17-18

Can't make it to the live workshop?

1 year replay access is included in the ticket. 



  • Why is core training so important and how does it prevent back injuries? 

  • Demo: 4 different core exercises of variable difficulty level

  • How to put together a core routine that will fit into your busy everyday life

  • Core work out in relation to dog sports 

  • Learn how to recognize if your dog has back pain which is requiring treatment 

EARLY BIRD $13 for first 30 people
- After that $19 

CV Zita Birlie - founder Dogtimize

  • 2018 DVM

  • 3 years in small animal practise - now full time business owner (Dogtimize) 

  • Marts 2022: Chiropractor (dogs as specialty)

  • May 2022: Course Canine Sports Medicine (with CRI)

  • June 2022: passed Intro module CCRT (with CRI - 1st part of Certified canine rehabilitation therapist, will finish this fall)

  • Worked as a dog trainer since 2019. My focus has been sport and fitness

  • On daily basis I work with pain diagnostic and treatments with empathy on soft tissue injuries and ortopedic problems which I treat through chiropratic and physical therapy

  • I'm based near Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Proud owner of my fur babies Casey (Australian Kelpie) and Chloé (GSD mix) 

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